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Growing up in California, it was only natural that I was deeply into the car culture: Customs, hot rods, Concours d'Elegance, motorcycles, speed, auto design. In fact, out of high school I was accepted at Art Center Design College in Los Angeles, at that time, the source of the best car designers in Detroit....What? Wait a minute, leave California for Detroit? I didn't care if Motown was there, that wasn't going to work! So while I changed majors, I've kept my love of cars: being around them, owning them, later years, painting them on canvas, illustration board, walls, murals, and even airbrushing them on t-shirts and other vehicles. If you've got a fairly good photo of your treasured ride - past or present - I can turn it into a work of art at a price and technique for every budget. Call me. 

-  Gary     206.779.5870

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ford pickup
porsche carrera
pen & ink "vette
franklin grille
pencil porsche
59 caddy
jag grille
drive-in roadster
drive-in merc
drive-in highboy
50's girl
taco del mar cruisers
taco del mar cruisers 2
mccolls Ice cream truck
I designed it from a flat bed model A, had the box built, the truck painted, and then applied the signage, pinstripes, and gold leaf. It was my first job in my first sign company
"A" prepared modified RX7
an SCCA class street/race car with 22-carat gold leaf pinstriping and graphics. 220hp up from stock 80.
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